Conrad Engineers is a professional engineering consulting firm, that focuses its services on building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems design and operations. Its principal in charge is Ernest Conrad, PE who is the past President and CEO of Landmark Facilities Group, Inc. He has over 30 years of engineering expertise in environmental systems design and problem solving to achieve a balance of occupant comfort and building contents protection at a best efficient operating cost which does not result in physical damage to a building’s fabric.

The firm is fully equipped with the latest test instrumentation technologies needed to support buildings inspections to assess environmental improvements and identification of thermal or moisture deficiencies. As a CEM, Mr. Conrad is qualified to perform formal ASHRAE energy audits to obtain financial assistance grants and rebates to design and implement MEP improvements in buildings of all types, including commercial, residen-tial, religious, and historically significant structures.

Through its professional affiliation networks, Conrad Engineers is capable implementing building projects of many types starting from initial concepts study through to design, construction administration, final testing commissioning, and ongoing operations training and problem solving over a project’s normal life cycle.